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Khamis, 12 November 2009

its betterr now :)

im still counting the day fer me to frgt him . hahaa :) its betterr now . ak daa bleyh lpekan dye .. its not easy than i thought .. uhhh ; smlm da laa mmpi bukanbukan .. then ; td i mndy ; bru prasan ade lebam besaa ; then ; wane purple kat tgn knn i .. ad0iii ; tkt uhh .. hmm ; leya rilex k . bnde bleyh settle pee :) td nadya text i asked me bout muh opinion .. bout ayie laa .. ape lg .. ayie still taa leyh let go ibu to accpt herr .. then ; nangesnanges naa cple ngan dyee . uhh ; cian ko an nadya ... just b strong to face ol thiss .. kalau ak bleyh ; npe ko taa kann ? ak support ko laa kwn ... dun woryy :)

k laa .. im hopin that muh next day will be more betterr than todayy :)

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A.r.M.[ei].t berkata...

leya, a piece of advice.
dreams are but mere dreams,
and hope are just mere hope,
you can wish for both to happen,
but never rely on them..

hehe, lawat blog owang okeyh..